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Free Online Time Clock Software

Dependable & Accurate Employee Time Tracking with Fast Payroll Reporting

Time Clock Genie Free Employee Time Tracking Dashboard
  • Online Employee Scheduling with Robust features: Shift Swap, Schedule Duplication, Quick Editing
  • Rotating Employee Shift Planner with Varying Salaries, Hourly Pay, Expense Repayments
  • Keep In Touch with SMS (Text) Push notifications to Management, Staff or Entire Company
  • 100% Reliable and accurate employee time tracking with Real-Time Manager Notifications for late or unscheduled clock in’s.
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Employee Scheduling

Our virtual calandar makes it easy to plan your employees’ schedules with custom features like vacation requests and our Budget Wize feature which pre-calculates your payroll expenses for the week or month. You can also duplicate individual employee schedules, or your entire staff’s schedule to the next day, week or month!

Online Time Clock

Trust the reliability and accuracy of our online time clock software. Managers can set the time clock to round employee punch times to specified minute intervals. Managers can set notifications that will alert them when an employee is scheduled but hasn’t clocked in, or if an employee clocks in when they are not scheduled.

Payroll Processing

Generate payroll reports quickly. Included in these reports is the gross pay, as well as the number of hours worked per pay period. Our free online time clock figures in mileage and also tracks overtime and annotates it apart from normal pay. Simply click to print your reports!

Clock Shield

Use the advanced Clock Shield feature to recieve real-time alerts via e-mail or SMS text messaging when workers clock in or out, late, on schedule, or early. Customize Clock Shield so you stay in the loop at all times.

Mobile Connect

Convenient to use on the go – Mobile Connect provides an easy-to-use method for accessing your Time Clock Genie account from your smart phone, tablet, or PDA. Use Mobile Connect to manage your account settings, review attendance, add mileage, even clock in and out from your handheld or mobile device.

Control Panel

Time Clock Genie’s advanced features look easy with our simple, user-friendly control panel. All employees will start their shift by clocking in online and clocking out when it’s time to go. The control panel displays convenient information including schedules, reports, notifications such as employee birthdays, upcoming meetings and more!


Accrue and keep track of your employee’s Paid Time Off. You will able to track Vacation Time, Sick Time, Personal Time, Holiday Time, and any other customizable time off you want to set up for your staff.

Mobile App

Our Mobile App will give your employees the ability to clock in/out, view schedule shifts, payroll options, GPS, timesheets, text messaging other employees, reimbursements, and announce notifications to your staff.

Easy To Use No Credit Card Required!

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Business Owners Love Time Clock Genie!

We have used TimeClockGenie.com since November 2011. We currently have 53 employees and are keeping track of more than 200 different projects. Since registering, they have been a consistently responsive organization when we have any type of customer service issue. The fact that they are totally free seemed hard to believe at first, but having used them for over 2 years, I can tell you that it is true! They are a first class company.

Eric Rohal, Green Tech Services

Time Clock Genie has simplified payroll considerably. The web site tracks my employees hours, overtime and vacations accurately, making pay periods much easier to manage. I can generate payroll reports with click of a button. I highly recommend using TimeClockGenie.com

Manuel Rivera, Council Park Designs

Time Clock Genie made it so incredibly easy for us to manage our employee schedules and payroll. I have been impressed with how simple and yet robust your admin is. Also, the fact that your company provides outstanding customer support while remaining free makes your company the obvious choice for any small to medium-sized business. Keep up the great work!

Rachel Gonzalez, Excel Business Consulting

It’s so simple and intuitive that no training was necessary and we were able to begin using TimeClockGenie immediately. Being a small business, we used to keep track of employee hours with Excel spreadsheets. This was very time consuming and often resulted in errors. With TimeClockGenie.com, everything is done automatically!

Rodrigo Santana, MidWest Plumbing and Air

This is by far the best employee time tracking and scheduling solution that I’ve come across and the customer service has been phenomenal. It is truly refreshing to do business with a company that is well run and provides a great service. I have and will continue to recommend Time Clock Genie to other small business owners.

Sabrina Gotlieb, Prestige Auto Body

We needed an easy way to track employee time and driver milage. Time Clock Genie’s design is elegantly simple and intuitive for the average user. Minimal computer skills were required, the administrator responsibilities were simple, and the user support is friendly and responsive.

Greg Johnson, Freight Line of Nantucket
Time Clock Genie

Easy To Use No Credit Card Required!

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