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Free Online Time Clock Features

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Home Features

Control Panel

Once you log into Time Clock Genie, you will arrive at the convenient and user-friendly control panel. From this screen you will be given a nice overview of information such as your weekly schedule, requests and notifications. You will also clock in and clock out from the control panel.

Clock Corrections

Time Clock Genie features Clock Corrections, a function that allow users to submit a request to the manager to correct their timesheet, if they accidentally forgot to punch in or out. The manager can correct the error by simply reviewing the Clock Correction in the system and then denying or approving the request – all with a click of a button.


Go to the Snapshot page to get a glance at the day. See a brief overview that displays all the employees that are currently clocked in, where they clocked in from, as well as their assigned hours.


Time Clock Genie knows that many companies compensate workers for their costs, such as mileage, tolls, gas, and other miscellaneous expenses. With Time Clock Genie’s Repayments feature, employees can upload receipts, invoices and other supporting documents and request specific dollar amounts to be repaid. Once the employee’s saved data has been approved by a manager – the amount owed will be processed during payroll generation.

Schedule Features

Online Employee Scheduling

We take the hassle out of the employee scheduling process with our easy-to-use online system and advanced functions. Make changes to the schedule – even on the fly. We also make it easy to keep your expenses in mind with our Budget Wise feature. Budget Wise calculates the projected cost of the scheduled work week, allowing you to schedule within your means.

Request Time Off

Requesting time off work has never been easier. Employees can go into the online time clock system and make a request for paid or unpaid time off. Once either approved or denied by a manager – the change will take effect on the online schedule. Plus, the amount of hours awarded for off time will be automatically deducted from the employee’s available hours for the designated pay period. The manager also reserves the option to send the employee a message if the requested time off is denied.

Earned Time Off

Reward your employees with a time off accrual policy. Enter the formula you wish to implement for time off accrual either by awarding time off per hours worked, per week or per month. You also have the ability to individualize the plan to provide different accrual for different employees.

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Payroll Processing

No longer will you ever spend hours per week processing complicated payroll. Simply click a button, and the payroll processing system will do the rest. Our program offers advanced functions including overtime and time rounding. The Time Clock Genie payroll processing system will generate reports that include gross pay, hours worked, overtime, mileage and other reimbursements. All of the items on the payroll reports for each individual employee will be clearly marked – making it easy for you and your team to understand payroll.

Payroll Snap Shots

We allow the managers to have easy access to payroll information at a glance. Employees will also be able to access Payroll Snap Shots that display customized payroll information in a weekly view or an accumulative view.


Time Clock Genie is extremely reliable and accurate. However, as long as people are involved in entering data, mistakes can happen. It’s no problem though! If a mistake happens, indicate the correction in the system and the current payroll will be invalid with a message for users. Once the information is corrected, payroll can be processed again.

Time Clock Genie Payroll



Many online time clock companies require the manager to register each employee seperately. This could be a big job for just one person. But, with our unique self-enrollment feature – each employee will be able to register personally into the program. Simply assign a master self-enrollment password that all users will utilize to register their account.

Inactive Accounts

Whenever a user is deleted from the system, Time Clock Genie will automatically keep their records for up to one year. With this feature, if the employee regains employment for any reason – re-activation of the account is fast and simple.

Personalized Accounts

Each and every business is unique and requires a certain set of employee information for online time tracking purposes. For this reason, we provide custom fields that allow you to keep track of specific data on each employee file for future reference.

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The Homepage for your business’s time clock will be accessible under a unique URL that contains the name of your company. When employees arrive at the Homepage, they will encounter a custom page you design that can include company name, logo and a personal message to all users. For the sake of convenience to yourself and all workers, anyone can quickly log in and out from this Homepage.

Wages Configuration

Set up your online time tracking the way you need to with our advanced configuration options. Enable time clock rounding to the nearest 6 minute interval or the nearest 15 min interval (the 15 min rule and the 6 min rule). As you are setting up wage calculations, you will also indicate any paid or non-paid breaks


You have the option to define specific departments within your organization and assign employees to their section. This allows for special rules or features for each department, as well as the ability to run separate payroll for each department.


Authorized Locations

One of the first things you will take care of with the implementation of Time Clock Genie, is to assign specific computers or IP addresses that are allowed to be used for clocking in and out. These designated computers are referred to as Authorized Locations. Due to the fact that Time Clock Genie can be accessed via the internet on any device – this security measure is to ensure people are truly at work when clocking in and out. In the event that a user attempts login from an unauthorized location, an email or text message will be instantly sent to you with a detailed notification of the occurrence.

Limited Access

In most companies, employees fall under different titles and ranks with specific privileges. We understand this need, and allow you to customize your online employee time clock to the access levels and permissions that are appropriate for each employee.

Reviewing Changes

Our time clock program keeps you in the loop by informing you when anyone makes changes to the time record. Whenever the time sheet is changed for any reason, Time Clock Genie notes the user and what type of change was made and provides you with a detailed notification.


100% Online

Unlike any time clock you have ever used in the past, Time Clock Genie requires no special software to implement. Simply go online using any computer you wish – and you will be able to login with complete access to your account.

Staying Connected

We are proud of our 99.99% server up-time. Our servers secured with military-grade encryption and are locked up with around the clock security at their respective data centers. In the unlikely event that our server goes down, redundant backup systems will have us back online in under 5 minutes.

Blocking Hackers

We keep your personal data safe and protected at any cost. With our 128-bit SSL encryption, your information and data stored in Time Clock Genie will stay safe and secure. With this secure encryption, even if you access your account from a WIFI hotspot, hackers will be unable to seek out your information. We provide advanced online security in the form of firewalls. Furthermore, we also store all of your data safely on another server in the form of backup protection.

Clock Shield

Keep track of all early or late punches with Clock Shield. Clock Shield will inform you via email or text message anytime an employee clocks in or out, early or late. Or, if you are tracking the clock in record of certain employees, you can receive messages when then they routinely clock in and out.

Mobile Connect

Simply and quickly access your online time clock information and data from any device with internet. Clock in and out, add mileage to your account or monitor your user account from any cell phone, iPad or other internet device.

Time Clock Genie

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